The costs of crafts registration amount to HRK 450.00, whereof the costs of issuing the crafts licence amount to HRK 200.00 and the administrative charges for registration procedure HRK 250.00

Exceptionally, in the period January 2, 2017 to January 1, 2018 the natural person shall be exempted from the payment of the subject costs; correspondingly, the crafts registration costs amount to about HRK 250.00

Exempted from payment of the trade licence costs shall be:

  • natural persons registering crafts in the areas set forth by the Special State Care Act, Highland Areas Act and Islands Act.
  • natural persons referred to in support programmes signed between the Ministry and other ministries and the Croatian Employment Service
  • persons registered with the Croatian Employment Service over the age of 45 or persons with not less than 20 years of service
  • war veterans